Wantering is pumped to present an exclusive interview with the hottest photographer and model duo in New York right now. Meet Micol, the photographer, and Lauren, the muse.  These striking ladies are the epitome of Brooklyn street style, as revealed on their prominent fashion blog, The Marcy Stop, named after an actual stop in Williamsburg on the JMZ subway line.

    This artistic duo has mastered mixing gritty, alluring backgrounds found in their hipster hood with perfect pops of color to create intoxicating, addictive photos that readers cannot get enough of.

    This blog should come with a warning. One glance at Micol’s dreamy shots, Lauren’s boho-glam looks, and guaranteed — you’ll want to click and scroll around their blog until you’ve viewed every single photo.

    Lauren and Micol’s signature style radiates uptown, downtown and Brooklyn all at the same time — and has not gone unnoticed. The Marcy Stop has been featured in Racked, the New York Times, as contributors to Lucky Magazine, and the girls have collaborated with major brands such as 80%20, and Rebecca Minkoff. 

    Today we chat about Williamsburg, style icons, and their Rebecca Minkoff video.

    How did the The Marcy Stop begin?

    M: While I was at home last Christmas, I realized I hadn’t done much shooting with my camera or honed my photo skills over the past year. I decided I needed a project to motivate me. As I work in fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue, and am sartorially obsessed with fashion, a fashion blog was the natural next step. Also, having a friend with killer style and a willingness to get in front of the camera and have me yell at her answered the easy question of who to work with! When I returned to Brooklyn and presented the blog idea to L she was immediately game. We’ve been up for almost a year now.

    What’s been your fave photo so far?
    L+M: We both love this one. Between the spewing fire hydrant, the bright hues, and the airy outfit, the image takes us back to summer in Williamsburg, memories we’re really holding onto now that the weather’s changed!

    The New York Times also selected this photo as the cover for one one of their slideshow on scalloped edges. We were shocked when we found out. This image was essentially front and center on the Style section of the NYT. You can imagine how excited we were!

    What is your personal motto or mantra?

    L: To always speak my mind, and to surround myself with people that love, support and inspire me.

    M: To make sure the people I love know how much they mean to me. My family and I are very close and no matter the successes or failures I experience, they have always had my back. Nothing is as important to me as them.


    Tell us about living in Williamsburg. 

    L: If there’s anything we want people to come away with after reading our blog, it’s definitely our love for the neighborhood. I love living in Williamsburg, especially the area I’m in, which is a bit South of all the hubbub by Bedford Ave. There are so many incredible bars, restaurants and boutiques that are walking distance from my apartment. Even though we’re just across the bridge from Manhattan, it feels like a world away.

    M: It’s funny because four to five years ago my brother suggested I move from Alphabet City to Williamsburg.  I threw a big hissy fit and declared I would never move to Brooklyn. Well, it didn’t take long for me to change my mind and now that I’ve been in the neighborhood close to four years, I couldn’t be happier. It is like another world and as someone who works in Manhattan during the day, I relish crossing over to Williamsburg at night. It really feels like going home. There is a slower, lazier vibe to Williamsburg that appeals to me. And like Lauren mentioned, there are incredible new restaurants opening on a daily basis, and killer boutiques and thrift stores.


    Thoughts on Brooklyn vs Manhattan fashion?

    L: It all depends what neighborhood you’re in and what kind of people you’re observing. Brooklyn and downtown New York are perhaps more insync style-wise, but obviously there’s a lot of crossover in other parts of NYC too.

    M: I always laugh when someone tells me they’re going to Brooklyn and asks me how to dress “more Brooklyn.” I don’t change the way I dress when a girlfriend invites me for brunch on the Upper East Side. But, frankly I do love that you’re more likely to see someone wearing a ridiculous 80’s sweatshirt with a kitten applique in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, than in Manhattan. These types of things just go with the vibe of our neighborhood.


    Who are your style icons?

    L: For style and life in general, my mom. She left Vietnam during the communist takeover when she was only 20, leaving her family and everything she knew behind. She managed to build a wonderful life, career and family for herself here in the US. I’m also guilty of raiding her closet any time I find myself home in LA.

    M: My mom was a total babe when she was my age and if I could raid her closet from back then, I totally would. Sadly, she gave away most of her best vintage stuff. But in terms of true icon status, I really don’t feel we’ve had a true style icon since Kate Moss. Maybe Erin Wasson comes close.


    What would you recommend as a go-to piece for anyone?

    L: One great fashion accessory that suits every female is Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini M.A.C. The shape of the bags are great, and they come in so many colors and textures. You’d be hard-pressed to not find one you love. I bought one for my sister’s birthday last year and it’s still her go-to accessory for a night out.

    M: An elegant watch. This is super new for me as I just bought a Michael Kors watch for myself and I hadn’t owned a watch in 15 years. It’s now my go-to piece when I’m getting dressed as it’s both functional but also flashy enough so I don’t need to worry about any other pieces of jewelry if I want to keep things simple.


    What are your fave social media outlets?

    L: We’re both visual people, so Instagram is one of our preferred outlets. Facebook is obviously way up there too but I’m still learning about Twitter and all the rest. I’m a social media novice compared to M.

    M: I’m addicted to Instagram. Of course the photographer in me is thrilled to have such an easy outlet for on-the-go shots. I am on pretty much on everything (tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) so I think I have it covered!


    Fave Video?

    L: We just did a video with Rebecca Minkoff we’re super excited about! 

    M: I second L on the Rebecca Minkoff video. I’m also beyond in love and obsessed with Solange’s video to “Losing You.” Her clothes, her moves, her hair. I want all of it. And the song is pretty rad. 

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    L: For years, I had a crush on a guy I was good friends with in middle school but never had the courage to make a move. I would tell my 14-year old self to suck it up and go for it! At 14 you have so little to lose when it comes to love.

    M: That whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world. Everything feels like life or death at that age and we can’t imagine just how much more there is to happen as we get older. We never realize we are so young. It’s actually something I still say to myself now.

    Can you share 3 secrets with Wantering readers?

    1.) I’m half asian (my mom is Vietnamese)
    2.)  I speak French
    3.)  I love to draw and paint when I’m able to find time

    1.) I wrote a novel when I graduated college
    2.) I used to run my own web design business
    3.) I LOVE to bake and I make a mean cheesecake with gingersnap crust.

    Getting obsessed? View more of Micol and Lauren’s photo/muse inspirations on The Marcy Stop online!

    Blog ~ Facebook ~ TwitterL’s Instagram ~ M’s Instagram ~ Pinterest ~ tumblr

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