She writes, she speaks, she advises, she creates. These are just a few of the several sought-after skills trend expert Kelsey Dundon has up her stylish sleeve.  As the founder of Northill Creative, Kelsey strategizes and consults on creative projects for fashion and retail brands. As if that weren’t enough, she is also the founder of renowned fashion and lifestyle site, The Anthology, and the lifestyle editor of Vitamin Daily.

    Never predictable, Kelsey loves it all - prints, stripes, vintage, trends, pretty and everything in-between. A master at mixing, Kelsey puts a modern spin on the extravagant, yet simple, and blends chic Hollywood glamour, with West Coast feminine cool.

    Her charming, warm character radiates off her inspirational site, full of gorgeous photos, and refreshing original content. It’s no surprise Kelsey’s unique and ever-changing style has made her a go-to fashion expert in the media and at industry events. Recently featured in The Westender, Kelsey admitted her personal power outfit is - “Really high heels, they hurt so good.” Now this is our kind of tastemaker.

    Today Kelsey dishes about Pinstagrams, inspirations, and Rachel Roy.

    The Anthology features so many unique columns, including Workspace, Bookmark and our fave, Pinstagram, where you ”marry the dream with the reality” and post images from Pinterest and Instagram with a common pattern, texture, or color.  What makes something “Pin” or “Instagram” worthy to you?

    I’m very picky about what I post on Instagram because I’m my own worst critic when it comes to photos. I need to be proud of a photo before I’ll post it. Many of the shots I take don’t make it up there. To be pin-worthy, a picture needs to stop me in my tracks. I rarely pin something because I plan on painting my room that color, or emulating a hairstyle, I base it purely on emotion.

    The Anthology Pinstagram

    You describe your style as being all over the place, why is your aesthetic preference so broad?

    I suppose it’s because I get bored easily. I find it refreshing to rock different styles for different occasions. It’s more fun that way!

    Most staple piece of fashion advice you’ve learned to give?

    The best advice is probably the hardest to follow: to know what looks good on you, what types of silhouettes best flatter you, and which colors make you shine brightest. Looking at photos of yourself is a great way to help figure that out because the mirror can lie. When I was a teenager I used to wear a lot of pastel colours, but I now know they look terrible on me.


    Which fellow bloggers do you get the most inspiration from?

    I love Garance Dore’s photography, Kelly Wearstler’s behind-the-scenes insights and the writers from XOJane.

    Who do you trust the most for style advice and why?

    My sister. I’m always bugging her for input and feedback. Plus, she’s fun to shop with.


    If you could ask the fashion gods to invent one thing, what would it be?

    A way to instantly expand and collapse your closet, kind of like the book stacks in the basement of university libraries. I have too little space and too many clothes,  though I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

    Who would your personal fashion advisor be?

    Carrie Bradshaw. I love how she mixes vintage and designer pieces.

    Easiest trend for you to buy into?

    Right now, brocade. I want everything I own to be woven with gold.

    Hardest trend for you to buy into?

    Fur. I’ll leave that to my Ukrainian ancestors.

    Show us your most inspirational Instagram pic.


    Rachel Roy’s take on the fashion industry is so refreshing, laid back and down to earth.

    Getting inspired? View more photos and beautiful “Pinstagrams” from Kelsey online!

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    (1) Trevor Brady, shot at Secret Location
    (2) Pinstagram from The Anthology
    (3) Sherry Lu
    (4) Evaan Kheraj
    (5) Kelsey Dundon

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