Bring on 2013, we say. But what about highlights from our Wantering Emerging Designers? We’ve pulled together their most inspirational words about fashion, business, and life for a Best of 2012 hurrah! Read up fashionistas:

    Mei Liu of Priory of Ten

    What social media outlets do you love to use?
    I love using Facebook, mainly because I’ve been connected to it for much longer. It also feels more intimate as it is meant to be limited to your known social network. Tumblr is also a great source for finding inspiring images and thought processes.

    Malissa Bautista and Brianna MacNeil of Wabi Collection

    What’s the biggest challenge you face in your business today?

    Obtaining funding. Many venture capitalists seek tech companies that require minimum capital investment with high value growth rates. It has been a challenge to get investors to view the fashion realm as a competitive industry.

    Chessa Osburn of Twenty One Tonnes

    What’s the biggest challenge you face in your business today?
    That it’s just me! I travel and source, I work with artisans on design, I make production decisions, I manage shipping and customs, I design packaging, I take care of marketing, and I handle all the sales and accounting. Twenty One Tonnes is such a personal endeavor and I sometimes find it difficult to separate myself from the business.

    Karen Egren of Karen Egren Jewelry

    What is your personal motto or mantra?
    I love optimism and adventure. I live in the world that anything is possible, and I believe in making your life extraordinary.

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