We’d like to propose a toast to the Best of 2012’s Wantering Tastemakers! These style trendsetters have caused quite a stir in the world of fashion, blogging and business and we have the highlights from our exclusive one-on-one chats. We’ll cheers to that!

    Laetitia Wajnapel of Mademoiselle Robot
    You’re from Paris but now living in London. How have these two cities influenced your personal style?
    When I first moved to London I really explored the freedom the city allowed me, style wise. Compared to Paris this was a giant leap forward - eccentricity is pretty normal here. After eight years in London and now at age 34, I am embracing my Parisian roots more. My style is getting a little simpler, a little less cluttered and more Parisian. I actually really enjoy mixing Paris and London styles!

    Kelsey Dundon of The Anthology
    Most staple piece of fashion advice you’ve learned to give?
    The best advice is probably the hardest to follow: to know what looks good on you, what types of silhouettes best flatter you, and which colors make you shine brightest.

    Gloria Chik of Urbanebloc
    What would you recommend as a go-to piece for anyone?
    A really great black purse that you don’t mind carrying absolutely everywhere. I have a Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag, and I adore it. TO PIECES.

    Alexander Liang of Kenton Magazine
    Who are your entrepreneurial icons?
    Ralph Lauren. He began with a line of ties and has since created an entire lifestyle. That’s pretty inspiring.

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