Where are all the boys at? Hailing from one of our favorite fashion destinations, Toronto, Kollar Clothing takes refined street style to a whole new level.

    Founded by 23-year-old David Kollar, a designer extraordinaire (fashion, graphics, web), Kollar Clothing began with a line of t-shirts. Since debuting in Fall/Winter 2011, the Kollar collection now includes hoodies, button-ups, scarves, long sleeve crewnecks, and his signature t-shirts.

    Wantering loves getting up-close and personal with emerging designers because they are the future of fashion. Here we chat with David about his line, his hometown, and of course, his secrets!

    What are some things we should know about you?

    I am 23 years old, I have been a designer since the age of 17, and I am half-Slovakian and half-Vietnamese. I was originally a graphic and web designer, which led me to do graphic design on shirts, and then I realized that what I really wanted to do was create a full collection of garments.


    Kollar is based out of Toronto. What does the city mean to you?

    The city means everything to me. I grew up in this city, and although I love to travel to different places for inspiration, Toronto will always be home for me. It is such a beautiful city to live in and there is so much talent in the fashion and design world here.


    What is your personal motto?

    You should wear clothing that changes your mind state in a positive way and dress top notch every single day!

    The Spring/Summer 2013 line is coming out soon. Can you describe the spirit of the collection in a few words?

    Free Spirit. Patterns. Bold.


    What does Kollar bring to the menswear scene?

    Kollar Clothing brings every gentlemen a clean cut style with a bad boy appearance. All our garments are created with high quality fabrics and we focus almost all our time on the fitting of the clothes. Nothing is more important than the way a garment fits on a man!

    Name one person who you would love to dress in Kollar:

    Johnny Depp


    What are three secrets about yourself?

    1)      I am a huge fan of underground hip hop and indie.
    2)      I meditate every day before I go to bed.
    3)      I am usually inspired by mistakes and people on the street.

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    Think through every single detail before creating anything.


    What’s next for you and the line?

    My next approach is to bring my clothing to boutiques around the world. I am now confident in the stage that my brand is in.

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