Maybe you’ve never left your heart in San Francisco, but you’ll be tempted to leave your heart with the duo from Say Hello Max.  Meet Tienlyn Jacobson and Elsa Kawai, the talented twosome behind the Golden Gate City-based blog, Say Hello MaxElsa (the photographer) captures Tienlyn’s (the model) exquisite beauty perfectly in her bold and editorial-style photos which will take your breath away.

    We dare you not to gawk and be inspired by the duo’s perfect imagery including their recent Time Squared posts and of course, New York Fashion Week series. How about Tienlyn’s whiter than white pleated maxi skirt in this shot? We didn’t even mention the studs yet.

    Oh, and here and here and here. Impeccable, flawless, and inspiration for days. Who wouldn’t want to run out and buy a red dress after seeing this?

    These two friends style and direct editorial projects throughout the fashion industry, and have been featured on ShopStyle and Refinery29. We couldn’t be more obsessed with these two and that’s why they’re our Featured Friday Trendsetters today!

    Tell us about yourselves.

    Tienlyn: From the moment we first met on set at a photoshoot, Elsa and I have been instant friends. It was like we had known each other for years and we immediately began working together on one creative project after another. We both have a background in fashion. Mine is in writing and styling and Elsa’s is in photography and design - but somehow, it was years before we started our blog, Say Hello Max. Once we started, it has become one of those things where we now ask each other, ‘Why didn’t we do this years ago?’

    How would you describe the style on your blog?

    Tienlyn: My personal preference tends to be more minimalistic with a touch of the unexpected. I love clean lines, bold shapes and anything that has an active quality to it.

    Elsa: I’m inspired by what is around me, or the person or subject I am capturing. The mood and feeling that develops organically is what I thrive on the most. It’s a natural part of the process. We both love the narrative element to imagery, which is why our styles work so well together.

    How would you describe the fashion scene in San Francisco?

    Tienlyn: In San Francisco, fashion comes in pockets. Not as many people are concerned with fashion in their everyday lives, but those who are, do it incredibly well. People dress for comfort more than anything, but if you want to dress a certain way, there is a lot of room for self-expression.

    What fellow bloggers do you draw inspiration from?

    We both love Luxirare! It’s a completely unique concept for a blog and is a daily read for both of us.

    What’s your fave Wantering recommendation?

    We both love the Daphny Raes A4 Clutch. It’s a classic black clutch that will go with everything, but there is an array of texture that makes it interesting.

    Fave Video?

    Tienlyn:  I grew up on old films, particularly of the surreal genre, and Luis Buñuel is my favorite director. In middle school, my mom showed me The Exterminating Angel and it blew my mind. Visually speaking, my favorite film inspiration would probably Fellini’s Juliette of the Spirits.

    Elsa: Fever Ray’s When I Grow Up is pretty inspiring. It’s actually very simple but such an incredible concept. The mood gives you goosebumps.

    What advice would you give your 14-year old self? 

    Tienlyn: Don’t listen to what other people say is impossible. Everything is possible. Your path might be a little unexpected, but regrets only happen when you don’t give it 100%.

    Elsa: Explore every option! As long as it’s something you love to do. Also, just keep on trying – there’s nothing to lose.

    Check out more from this style pairing made from blogger heaven. Visit Say Hello Max here and also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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    Photo Credits: All photos taken by Elsa Kawai

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