Hong Kong Trendsetter: Elle Lee

    Globetrotter, model, writer, fashionista. Hong Kong fashion blogger and girl-about-town Elle Lee is all that and more. With roots in Shanghai and London, Elle is a true global fashion trendsetter.

    Writing for the likes of fashion magazine Elle China and Jing Daily, the news source for the business of luxury and culture in China, by day, Elle writes for her own blog by night. You’ll find her at the hottest fashion events in Hong Kong, giving style tips to her followers, and modeling the best street style in the city.

    We had a chance to chat with her about the fashion scene in Asia, who her style icons are, and even got her to spill her secrets!

    What are you waiting for? Meet Elle.

    You were born in Shanghai, raised in London, and now live in Hong Kong. How has your style been influenced by all of these cities?
    As I was born in Shanghai in a traditional Chinese family, I watched my mother and aunties dress up in a very sophisticated and feminine style. They always had the perfect just-out-of salon hair and wore heels; they looked like the classy Shanghai ladies in movies. So my basic style is sophisticated, simple and feminine.

    Life in London taught me variety and helped me to keep my mind open to trying different looks.

    Hong Kong is Asia’s world city and while it might not be one of the top fashion cities in the world, it sure has its own little runway on the street going on. I’ve met a lot of international people living in Hong Kong and my style has been elevated with such a diversity in culture.

    You blog about international fashion in both English and Mandarin. Is there a difference in the way your English-speaking vs. Mandarin-speaking readers respond to your fashion posts?

    Yes, definitely! My English readers usually take the look I created as inspiration and leave encouraging comments to me, while my Chinese readers tend to purchase my look. They want to know where each item can be purchased so that they can recreate my look on themselves again. They are all very sweet! 

    What is your personal motto or mantra?

    Happiness matters the most.

    Who are your style icons?  

    Kate Moss, Twiggy, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, and a lot more.

    What is the coolest fashion experience you’ve ever had?

    I met and talked to Karl Lagerfeld and he complimented my look!

    You are a fashion model turned fashion blogger and now write for Elle China, Jing Daily, Style Tips, and Butter Boom. What’s it like on the other side of the camera now?

    When you are modeling, you don’t create the style. You wear what the stylists put together for you. But being a fashion blogger, I get to be a model and a writer. So it’s pretty awesome!

    What are three secrets about yourself?  

    1) I eat chocolate every day…every day!
    2) I am not a good walker in heels, even I though I always wear them.
    3) I don’t like eating rice…even though I am Chinese!

    What is your favorite Instagram pic?

    I like each one of them because they represent a different mood and were taken during different occasions.

    Although, a few weeks ago I took a photo of myself on Instagram wearing some super swag Versace SS13 rings which got liked by G-Dragon of Big Bang (a huge Korean pop band). The likes went off the hook (over 1,330 likes), so that was a lovely surprise!

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    Be brave, and don’t let others stop you from doing what you want to try. People usually tell you that you can’t do things because they can’t do them. It doesn’t mean you can’t do them.

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