Which trendsetter just got back from a fashion-packed tour of New York, London and Paris? None other than Mr. Editor-in-Chief himself - Alexander Liang.

    Between his Instagram selfies and countless snaps by the media, Alex wore it sleek and sharp for the cameras and showed the world what KENTON Magazine is all about - bold, original and visionary. The busy jet-setter shared his favorite Wantering picks with us and gave us a quick update on his life!

    W: Tell us three exciting things that have happened recently.


    1) I attended London Fashion Week for the first time ever.

    2) I attended my 10th New York Fashion Week this season.

    3) KENTON Magazine just launched a new web series online called Off The Runway. It’s a video series and we feature Caitlin Power in our first few episodes. Catitlin is known for her fine leather detailing and she gives us a sneak peek behind her designs, inspirations and everything that goes into her creative process.

    Love his outfit? Shop now!

    1) Saint Laurent Leather Sleeved Cropped Bomber Jacket
    2) Cole Haan Air Franklin Wingtip Oxford Shoes
    3) Grim Tim Slub Ecru Embo Nudie Jeans
    4) Movado Bold Chrono Watch

    Read Alex’s original feature on Wantering here, and visit KENTON Magazine for more fashion-forward features. To see what other items this trendsetting editor has hearted, he’s letting you in on his most loved items here.

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