Getting started in the fashion industry is no small task. In fact, without the support of friends, family and the community, emerging designers often face a tough time running all facets of a business. Enter Wantering Tastemaker Nicole Giordano, founder and director of content of StartUp FASHION.

    With over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry and with a background in textiles design, Nicole decided to take matters into her own hands. She created New York-based StartUp FASHION in order to provide resources, insights, tools, ideas, and more for independent fashion brands. Among many things, Nicole has been a freelance fashion writer and official blogger for WWD Magic, the world’s largest international fashion trade show. She sits down with us to chat about fashion, New York, and her work with emerging designers.

    You’ve been in the fashion industry for much of your career, from blogging to starting fashion businesses. What do you love about it?

    Actually, all of my career, when I think about it. I’ve never done anything that wasn’t directly related to fashion in some way.

    I love the constant change, the incredible creativity, the beautiful textiles, the challenge of standing out…the list goes on.


    Can you tell us a little bit about StartUp FASHION?

    I founded StartUp FASHION as a way to help the independent fashion community succeed in business. I learned a lot in my 10+ years doing a variety of things in the industry and I wanted to share them.

    In the next couple weeks we will be re-launching the website and going from a solely editorial based resource to much more in depth platform that helps designers go from wanting to have a business to actually having one.

    You travel quite a bit but are a New Yorker at heart. Can you describe how you see the city in three words?

    Energetic, creative, full of opportunity. (Sort of 3 words!)

    What is your personal motto?

    Live with purpose.

    Who are your style icons?

    I know I’m “supposed” to have style icons since I’m in the fashion industry but I’m really not sure that I do.

    I guess I would say that both the Hepburns were incredibly stylish in their own ways. For modern day, I think Olivia Palermo seems to nail it almost always. In my personal life, my mom taught me style by simplicity; a few silver bangles, just the right amount of makeup, fashion basics…a very natural, unfussy take on style.  

    You work with emerging designers around the world on a daily basis. What’s one common challenge that you often see in starting a design business?

    Lack of focus. Starting a business is full of challenge but it’s also full of opportunity. The biggest piece of advice I give designers is to create an outline on paper of your goals and how you see yourself achieving those goals on a daily basis.

    What’s one common inspirational thing that you see in young/new designers?

    The desire to spend their life creating their work.  It’s so inspirational to see how these designers have made the decision to forge their own paths.  It’s not easy, and most of them know that, but they go for it anyway.

    What is the coolest fashion experience you’ve ever had?

    Spending a year living in Singapore, working with a fashion client on their content and social media. It was a blast and something I will never forget.

    What are three secrets about yourself?   

    I’m not sure how secret these are but…

    1) I could spend the rest of my life moving to a new place each year and still constantly crave change.

    2) The ability to access great food is directly linked to where I choose to live.

    3) And, I prefer to eat my pizza backwards, crust first.

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    Oh, where to begin? Don’t worry so much about what others think, it doesn’t matter.  Always remember that you have one shot at life, so make it count. Don’t take yourself too seriously, there’s plenty of time to worry about grown-up things, enjoy this time because it flies by quickly. I couldn’t do just one!

    What is your favorite style pick from the Wantering Tumblr?

    This Clover Canyon dress is cool.  I love a great print.

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