Style can’t be bought, or can it? Well, if you have an eye for fashion and a natural ability to just make things look good, no matter what  - you may just have skills to pay the bills. Meet Deanna Palkowski, a highly sought-after fashion stylist represented by Liz Bell Agency and Fashion Editor of ION Magazine. Of course, you can’t just have great taste either. Deanna’s incredible drive, relentless dedication, gregarious energy, and crazy sense of humor has catapulted her to become the top fashion stylist that she is.

    With an impressive roster of past clients, like Fidelity Denim and Sienna Ray, Deanna has styled and directed countless fashion editorials, including those in IONMontecristo, and NUVO magazine which included pieces from Wantering’s Emerging Designer, Priory of Ten.  Deanna’s talent has garnered her industry-wide respect and trust, not surprising for someone who started interning in the industry in Grade 11.  

    Keep your eyes open for this platinum blond-haired lady. With her unconventional eclectic style and always-accessorized wrists and hands, she is not one to be missed.

    Today we chat tricks of the trade, her upcoming collaboration, and we check out some of Deanna’s work for ION Magazine. Meet our Featured Friday trendsetter, Deanna!  

    You describe your personal style as unconventionally effortless. What’s your go-to outfit?

    That’s a hard question, I dress how I feel. My “go to outfit” would be black, a high-waisted long skirt, crop top, with a leather jacket worn off the shoulders. I’d also be drenched with a bunch of silver rings, a couple of choker necklaces and my bucket multi-colored sequined bag I’ve had since I was 4-years old.

    The styling industry is tough to get into. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from the industry and what would you tell others trying to get their foot in the door?

    You can get easily distracted and lost in this industry. My advice would be to focus on yourself and build your talent.

    You’ve styled some amazing projects for Nuvo, Montecristo, Fidelity Jeans and Alexia Fast. Which experience was your most memorable?

    It would be my first creative with Kin Chan and Negar Hooshmand. I had just recently met Negar on a horrific client job, and she invited me to come to a model’s birthday party. I totally crashed it. I met Kin at the party and he said something like “ I’m shooting this alien model tomorrow you should come by and play.” So I pulled clothes that morning, went to set and we just got to know each other and shot some cool images. From that moment forward, we continuously shot together. Makes me glad that I have no problem with crashing parties.

    You reside in Vancouver but are often mistaken for a New Yorker. What’s your fashion take on the two cities?

    Vancouver is a very active, outdoor city. People are very relaxed in their personal style and only dress up for an event. In New York, every day is an event. You can literally wear anything and chances are most people will appreciate it and not stare at you like you lost your mind.

    Who are your style icons?

    I dislike that word ‘icon’, I prefer the term muse. I don’t want to be devoted to someone, I want to be inspired. I’m constantly inspired by the runways, my friends and people in the industry. There are definitely people I frequently go back to for inspiration such as Kate LanpearKatie ShillingfordDree HemmingwayAbbey Lee Kershaw, and Leigh Lazark. They are inspiration for me to mold my style.

    What are your big plans for 2013?

    My BIGGEST plan is launching my own collective collaboration project called MINTING DIE.

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    Don’t wear Dorinha jeans… ever!

    Follow Deanna on TwitterInstagramPinterestTumblr and on her website! Watch out for the launch of her collaboration Minting Die in Spring 2013!

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    Photo Credits: 1) Cover: Kyla Hemmelgarn for ION Magazine  2) Black & White Sweater: Kyla Hemmelgarn for ION Magazine 3) Deanna Palkowski  4) Indigo Jacket: Alan Chan for ION Magazine 5) Denim Jacket: Alan Chan for ION Magazine 5) Deanna Palkowski   6) Kyla Hemmelgarn for ION Magazine 

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