When these girls get together, it’s no wonder they have so much fun. Bria Lear, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Framework Magazine, Randa Salloum, fashion blogger at The-Unprecedented and designer of I See Noise Prints, and Leonie Markhorst fashion blogger at The Signature Bow are all smart, driven, passionate, and not to mention stylish.

    Based in Vancouver, these three lovely ladies came to together for an exclusive Wantering Trendsetter series over the next few days. To give you a sneak peek at what’s to come we share one of our questions with you today.

    W: What is the coolest fashion experience you’ve had?

    Bria: I have a degree and background in Fashion Design, so seeing a collection that I designed, drafted, and sewed come down the runway was pretty cool.  Also, meeting Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller was a lot of fun!

    Randa: Being told “Congratulations on being in FASHION Magazine!” without knowing I was in it. Then purchasing the magazine, flipping through the pages and seeing myself up front and center on a trend page.

    Leonie: This probably sounds corny, but it’s true: the coolest fashion experience I’ve had so far is probably having my own blog. Through this medium I made amazing friends, worked with (local) brands and designers, and attended some really fun events. It has directly influenced and helped my personal life – living abroad can be lonely at times, especially in the beginning.  

    To read more about Randa, Bria and Leonie, check out our blog tomorrow!

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    Photo Credit: phoTobin Photography

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