Brains and the Blogger. This is the man behind popular mens style blog, Closet Freaks. By day Anthony Urbano is hard at work in New York City, crunching numbers and designing buildings as a structural engineer. By night, Anthony can be found attending events we all wish we were at, watching BRAVO, and of course, blogging.

    Not only is this stylish Aquarius dapper, dashing and brilliant, but he’s also humble. “My life is pretty dull,” he claims. “On weekends and in my free time I’m usually hanging out with friends and enjoying NYC (read: eating and drinking) because duh, that’s what New York City is all about!” But we knew there was more to this clever engineer. Describing his personal style as “casual comfort”, he adds there is also a “bit of a wild side thrown in the mix for good measure.” Bingo.  After all, for someone who never sleeps (hey it comes with the territory, sleeping not allowed in NYC) we wouldn’t expect any less. Anthony loves food, hates exercise and has never seen an animal print shirt he didn’t love.

    Meet Anthony.

    You live across the Hudson River in Jersey City, which is close enough to New York. How is your style and fashion inspired by both cities?

    I think Jersey City (JC) and New York are pretty similar in terms of the way people dress. There’s definitely a lot of artsy types in JC and people here are more bohemian/vintage in their style. New York, because it’s so much bigger, is obviously more eclectic in terms of the personal style you see. I find myself favoring kind of a mix of the two in the way I dress. I’m definitely all about being laid back like JC but also a little trend driven too like NY.

    Like a lot of bloggers, you never formally studied fashion yet you manage to have one of the most popular menswear blogs on the web right now. How do you think blogs, social media and social networks have disrupted the fashion scene in the last few years?

    You’re right I never studied fashion and to be honest I’m probably a “bad blogger” in that I don’t really keep up too much with fashion news and designers by reading other blogs and fashion media outlets. Most of what I know about fashion and style is discovered organically just by what I see on the streets in my day-to-day life.

    I think that the “internet” in general has made the fashion scene more accessible and blogging as a part of that is just another way people can get an inside look into the world of fashion. As someone who just sort of fell into the fashion scene it’s still pretty surreal to see how starting a blog and taking part in all these social networks has helped me now attend the same events and fashion shows as editors and industry people.

    What is your personal motto or mantra?

    This is going to sound ridiculous because sometimes I can be the laziest person on earth but I really do believe that hard work will pay off. It just takes some time, patience, and a lot of willpower and dedication.

    My other motto would probably be: High hair don’t care. When in doubt, more hairspray. That’s for all those people who always ask about my Asian pompadour.

    Who are your style icons?

    I don’t know if I really have a style icon. I definitely wear what I like and what I think looks good on me whether or not it’s “in” or everyone else is wearing it. As I mentioned before, my style inspiration is very organic. When I see real people in something I like it might spark a idea to try something new or incorporate elements of what I see into my own style.

    Closet Freaks aims to be the go-to destination for men’s style inspiration. What is it about fashion that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

    I really love the way that how you dress can totally change your mood. When I put on a great outfit, something that I really like and fits me well, I feel more confident. It adds energy to my day knowing that I feel good and look good. That’s what the power of personal style and fashion can do for you and I love it!

    What is one of your favorite pieces from our Wantering Tumblr and why?

    This Insight Paradiso shirt is something I could wear all summer long. A classic short sleeve button down with a fun print is 100% me. I’d roll the sleeves, pair it with some colored shorts, and never take it off til Fall.

    Fast forward 10 years. Where will Anthony and Closet Freaks be?

    That’s a really scary thought! I feel like I’m so busy that I can barely think ahead to next week. Hopefully over the next 10 years I’ll be able to continue meeting and working with people through Closet Freaks and also earn my Professional Engineering license. It would be great to devote all my focus and energy to only one job though and it I’d love it if that job was my running my own website.

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    Don’t be afraid to be “different” in terms of your personal style. Experiment more and take the risks you want.

    If you could give one general style tip to all men, what would it be?

    Fit is probably the most important aspect of your clothing to consider. You want an article of clothing to fit your body type properly – not to loose or too tight but something that flatters you.

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