Stories have the power to make or break your fashion brand, especially in this digital age. Thankfully, Crosby Noricks, founder of PR Couture, knows just what type of story every brand needs to give them a fashionable happily ever after. 

    In the world of fashion PR, you can’t go wrong with having this “idea alchemist” on your side. Get to know more about the amazingly talented Crosby in our trendsetter feature!

    Tell us a bit about yourself!

    My name is Crosby and I’m a fashion marketing strategist and founder of PR Couture. But really, I’m an idea alchemist who loves nothing more than to help brands, agencies and bloggers turn pretty-good strategy and copy into solid gold perfection. I’m a California Girl who currently lives in a tiny yellow house near downtown San Diego.  When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling to visit friends and exploring their neighborhoods, watching bad TV (I’m currently making my way through Charmed, the nineties fashion is incredible), reading Tom Robbins books at the park, and of course, the beach.

    You founded PR Couture, a source for fashion PR advice and resources, and wear several different hats as a publicist, writer and author. What motivates you to keep doing more?

    Gosh, what a fantastic question. I think a lot of it is just intrinsic to who I am (oldest child and all that), but I’m all about sharing information to help people feel more confident and effective in their world. I also love learning and trying new things.  I’m lucky to have build a platform where I get to do just that.

    PR Couture

    What is your personal motto or mantra?

    I’ve always loved the following two quotes. The first is by Andy Warhol, and says “Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what. That’s one of my favorite things to say. So what,” and the second is by Anais Nin, and says, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” I think about both of those quotes a lot.

    What are you looking forward to this summer?

    I’m headed to Portland and Seattle at the end of the month for a few weeks and I cannot wait! I love the pacific northwest in summer. In Seattle I stay with one of my friends from college (a song-writer turned card-maker), who lives on Lake Washington. We pretend we are at camp and go on adventures during the day and make s’mores in the evenings. It’s really easy for me to just work and work and work, so taking small trips to visit old friends is an incredibly restorative and often creative time for me.

    PR Couture

    Who are your style icons?

    Katherine Hepburn, Miroslava Duma, Frida Kahlo, Allison Mosshart, Louise Brooks, Tori Amos, Strawberry Shortcake

    Fast forward 10 years. Where will Crosby Noricks be and what will she be doing?

    In the Summer of 2023 (eep!), I will be spending the summer in Big Sur with my family and best friends, having taken the season off from a lively and lucrative schedule working with a hand-selected client list on a variety of beautiful and meaningful projects, as well as my own creative pursuits. That sounds INCREDIBLE to me right now!

    In one sentence: why do you love fashion PR?

    I love how mix of business acumen, strategy and media savvy helps artistic, creative individuals experience share their work with the world, and experience more success as a result.

    PR Couture

    What’s your one must-attend industry event of the year?

    In San Diego, I always attend the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. Fashion designers, influencers and directors gather against the pacific ocean for panels and nightly screenings that aren’t to be missed.

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    People’s reactions and perceptions about things have way more to do with them than they ever, ever have to do with you. Be kind to yourself. Save $10 a week. Do some yoga. Make some art.

    What is your favorite item on and why? Maybe it’s your summer must-have item or favorite staple piece. Black and White Party Dress

    Choosing one item is pretty impossible, but this ModCloth dress has a PR Couture-style perfect deco touch and would be great for speaking engagements.

    Get more fashion PR resources and advice from PR Couture! Follow Crosby on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram (here and here), and Pinterest (here and here).

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