Wantering Trendsetter: Peony Lim

    With people in fashion constantly going crazy for the newest trends, it’s refreshing to see someone exude charming elegance with classic looks. Blogger, stylist, and brand consultant Peony Lim of Peonylim.com, is the perfect example of one that effortlessly looks chic in timeless pieces. 

    Get to know the alluring Peony in our trendsetter feature, and find her advice for wearing vintage clothing!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself - what you love doing in your spare time, where you’re from, what you’re looking forward to this summer…

    I love to do all the things I post about in my free time really! I love to cook, and travel. I’m from everywhere but I spend most of my time between london and asia at the moment. I look forward to the weather and food in the summer most.

    What sparked your love for vintage fashion? Do you have a vintage wishlist?

    I don’t really, I don’t think you can. You have to find pieces as they come. I alter most of my vintage. That’s the key, you are nearly never going to find a piece that you love that’s the perfect size. I always buy pieces with the proviso that I will have to spend money altering them, otherwise you are just disappointed.

    Peony Lim

    You studied Fashion Promotion at the London University of Arts. Has the program made any impact on how you created and currently run your blog?

    Obviously all things influence us in different ways. I don’t think the program affected me more than anything else I have done. I think my degree at the Courtauld was more formative.

    It’s difficult to choose from your exquisite collection, but what is your favorite vintage piece and why?

    Probably pieces that are sentimental; I have pieces that were my mothers. They mean the most. Some Hermes shorts I remember her wearing when I was a child.

    Peony Lim

    You’ve had the incredible opportunity of going to different Fashion Weeks! Which one so far has been the most memorable for you?

    Paris is always the biggest and the most memorable.

    Who are your style icons?

    My mother.

    Peony Lim

    Peony Lim

    We adore the smocks you have on your shop! There are two versions right now, the top and the dress, would there possibly be a third version coming in the near future?

    I hope so, I’m working on a few new pieces!

    10 years down the road, where would Peony Lim be, doing in life?

    Hopefully the site will continue to grow and expand, the shop will become a must visit and I will be healthy and happy, as will my loved ones. What more could one wish for really but health and happiness?

    Peony Lim

    You were regularly spotted by street style photographers when you were in school. Create a chic ensemble from Wantering.com that would be comfortable for school, yet would grab the attention of photographers.

    Wantering.com J. Crew Boy Shirt

    I was at uni so a bit older. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pair of good jeans, a white shirt and pumps.

    If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

    Be brave and kind. It’s ok to be different, one day you will be grateful, it’s what makes you special.

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