Bow Tie Language: What does your bow tie say about you?

    The holiday season is the perfect time to dress up. No excuses. We break it down right here with the top 5 bow tie’s of the year.
    1) You don’t even care that you haven’t seen a bow tie look this hip in….well, never. 
    Gitman plaid bow tie, $70
    2) When you want to dress up, but down at the same time. You know? 
    J. Crew chambray bow tie, $55 
    3) Agent 007, let’s keep it simple and classy. 
    Duchamp formal bow tie, $105
    4) Iconic and totally badass.
    Alexander McQueen skull bow tie, $148
    5) We’ll challenge you to a designer fashion pop quiz. 
    Lanvin ‘Alber’ bow tie, $145
    Want to see more bow ties? Wantering’s got all of the best bow ties from across the web all in one place. Search for your fave style or browse through them all. You’re Welcome.

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