GIF-love on Pinterest

    Imagine to our delight when we were on Pinterest this weekend to find that our fashion GIFs are working through tiny “play” and “pause” buttons in the bottom left corner of each image! Much-loved on Tumblr, our custom-made fashion GIFs get an average of 1000 notes across our community, so we’re excited that we can now share them on Pinterest. From inspirational quotes to street style images to the best cat-inspired fashion items, we’re big fans of having fun with animated GIFs.

    Interestingly, some accounts are not showing the “play” button. If this is a test on Pinterest and we’re one of the lucky few to see it working, we hope that they keep it. Rather than making them play automatically (how annoying would that be?), Pinterest is instead opting to make GIFs non-intrusive. Smart move, we think.

    Our Pinterest discovery made it onto Mashable and The Next Web, check it out!

    Is anyone else able to see GIFs on their Pinterest account? Leave us a comment or note below or send us a tweet @Wantering!

    Head over to our Pinterest “Wantering Blog & Fashion GIFs" board for more!

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