Bet you can’t tell which of these irresistible one piece swimsuits will make your wallet hungry!

    Gone are the days when one piece swimsuits meant boring, vanilla designs. One piece styles today let you look as sexy, playful, or elegant as you want. The 5 hot one piece styles below are perfect for your beach and pool side excursions this summer. The catch is, half are just over a hundred dollars, while the other half will take more of your money. Can you tell which is which?

    1) Bandeau

    Up first are two minimal bandeau style swimsuits that bring out the sexy in you, but one is just over $100, while the other is closer to $300. Do you know which of these bandeaus save you cash?

    Bead-Detail Bandeau | Caractere Urbain Bandeau

    Bandeau One Piece

    2) Swimdress

    For times when you’ll be spending as much time on dry land as you will be in the water, one piece swimdresses give you an elegant look for the beach or poolside. These two swimdreses are both chic, but one is a more humble $139, while the other is $350!

    Bill Mio One-Piece Swimsuit | Halter-Neck Swimdress

    Swimdress One Piece

    3) Cutout

    Whether they’re on a dress, a tee, or a swimsuit, cutouts add a touch of flirty detail without fully revealing you skin. Click through to find out which of these side cutout one piece styles is more wallet-friendly.

    Wild Side One Piece Swimsuit | Strappy Bustier One Piece Swimsuit

    Cutout One Piece

    4) Patterned

    Why not go for a patterned style to show off your playful personality? Fresh fruits or bubbly balloons? Pick wisely; one of them is $148, the other will set you back by $340.

    Retro Twist One Piece | Classic Strap One Piece

    Patterned One Piece

    5) Deep-V

    How deep will you go? The deep-v style is for daring ladies that love the spotlight, without going for a bikini. Can you believe one of these pieces is less than $80?

    Bermuda One Piece | One-Piece Suit

    Deep-V One Piece

    So, were your guesses right? Let us know which of these one piece styles you liked the most!

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